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Millers Oils Pistoneeze Classic Mini Oil 20w50 (5L)


Millers Oils Pistoneeze Classic Mini Oil 20w50 (5L) has been formulated for engines from 1960 onwards where engine and transmission share a common lubricant.

It is a mineral based classic engine oil for Engines with the gearbox running in the engine oil (eg Performance Mini).

Ideally suitable for Mini Cooper or Cooper S models or other modified fast road derivatives.

Also suitable for the discerning Mini owner who wants the best possible oil available.

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Millers Oils Classic Pistoneeze 20w50 Multigrade Engine Oil (5L) is a mineral based engine oil for Classic engines from 1950-1970s.

High quality solvent refined base oils with latest technology performance additives and shear stable viscosity index improver.

Use for engine lubrication of primarily pre-1980 vehicles, both petrol and diesel, which were developed on the multigrade oils of their time.

Incorporates modern additive technology with period viscometrics to provide the optimum lubrication characteristics for engines manufactured in the immediate post war period through to the early 1980s

Suitable for higher mileage applications where oil consumption is a problem.

The modern technology ensures an oil which will meet the period performance requirements along with up-to-date specifications.

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