Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Monograde Engine Oils M40 (5L) - Oldtimer House Limburg
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Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Monograde Engine Oils M40 (5L)


This is non-detergent monograde mineral engine oils. They are specifically engineered for vintage cars with a strainer or basic filtration systems. These oils provide anti scuff capability and a resistance to oil oxidation and bearing corrosion. All are formulated with ZDDP (zinc/phosphorus). API SB.

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Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Monograde Engine Oils M40 (5L) is a mineral monograde non detergent oil for Classic and Vintage engines and gearboxes.

Monograde non-detergent for veteran and vintage engines. Highly refined solvent neutral base oils with additive treatment to provide only oxidation and wear resistance.

Use in classic vehicles when a non-detergent/dispersant engine oil is called for. Can be used in gearbox applications where a GL1 oil is specified.

Ideal for older design engines typical of the pre 1930s and gearboxes of the same period.

Suitable for engines of newly acquired classic cars when the engine sludge condition is in doubt.

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